Specialist Types of Commercial Insurance, Brokers Sell – Part II

Specialist Types of Commercial Insurance Brokers Sell – Part IIMuch has been said regarding the importance of commercial insurance brokers to the present-day field of insurance. Acting as both salesmen and educators to layman customers looking to buy an insurance policy, these professionals have earned their reputation as some of the most important agents in the insurance buying process, and cemented their forefront position in the modern day market.

One of the many ways through which commercial insurance brokers achieved the status they enjoy within the insurance field was by helping customers in need of highly specialised or specific types of insurance pinpoint the policy or plan best suited to meet their needs, and making customers aware of myriad smaller, more specialised types of cover available within the umbrella category of ‘commercial insurance.’ Three of those types were presented in Part I of this three-part article, and an additional three are featured in the lines below.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance aims to protect business owners against any eventuality leading to temporary or permanent disruption or cessation of business. Commercial insurance brokers often sell this type of insurance to small and medium businesses seeking to be protected and have a way to continue trading should the worst occur.

IT Equipment Cover

This is another self-explanatory type of commercial insurance, designed to protect the IT assets of a company or business. This type of policy tends to offer cover for damages and repair on electronic equipment, computers and laptops.

Stock and Supply Insurance

Stock is the most important aspect of any business, particularly retail, and many shop owners have no choice but to leave stock in their premises overnight. Stock and supply insurance is designed to ensure these goods are protected against theft or damages.

These are three more types of highly specialised policies sold by commercial insurance brokers. Part III will present the final two.

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